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  • Clarify your Vision

  • Build and Strengthen your Confidence

  • Elevate your Self-Awareness

  • Retrain your Mindset

  • Activate your Brilliance

  • Learn to become great at solving the volatile problems

  • Improve your Leadership Skills

  • Develop your Strategy

  • Execute your Individualized Plan

  • Guide you through the Seasons of your Life:

    • Uncover your Passion(s)

    • Connect to your Purpose.

    • Move you towards Exceptional Leadership.

    • Develop a productive relationship with Money.

    • Learn to Live Abundantly in whatever Season of Life you are in.

About Me

Judy-Ann is the Brilliance Activator and owner of Coaching YOU Upward, LLC and has over 10 years of experience helping clients and mentees reach their goals by building their confidence in recognizing their own potential that lies within, developing their competence to navigate obstacles and bridge the gaps towards goal attainment.

It was her own life experiences from setbacks, her warrior spirit, the immense joy that she derives from helping people in both formal and informal settings that gave rise to her finally yielding to her calling - coaching. Her goal is to help her core clients (women) focus on building their confidence, value systems, clarify their vision, re-train their mindset and develop their strategic action plans to success. Judy-Ann is also a co-author of "The Single Truth" and  The Daily Dose of Declarations.

Universities and corporations alike have sort after Judy-Ann’s workshops. She recently completed workshops was at Rutgers University Business School, NJ, and other sessions with United Way of NJ.


She is an e-mentor at the UStrive organization. She also thoroughly enjoys volunteering with the Spotlight English Club (supporting the Latin American region), helping adults practice and develop conversational English as a second language.

Judy-Ann Chung is a Vice President in the investment banking sector. What is her belief that also embodies her outlook on life?  Operate in a spirit of excellence.  Judy-Ann holds an MBA from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), and a Leadership Coaching Certification from the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. She resides in New Jersey, USA.

“Show me a Leader without vision, and I’ll show you someone who isn’t going anywhere.” – John Maxwell. Leadership Expert, Author
Leadership Coaching
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11 Tips To Bring Out The Bad-Ass Leader In YOU

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